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Revision Surgery

Revision surgery refers to a follow-up procedure done after an initial surgery to correct or improve the outcome. This is common in bariatric surgery if the first surgery didn’t achieve the desired results, led to complications, or if the patient regains weight. It may involve correcting issues from the original surgery or converting to a different type of surgery to better suit the patient’s needs. Revision surgeries can be more complex due to changes in anatomy and the presence of scar tissue.

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    Revision Surgery Steps

    1. Preoperative Assessment: This includes detailed evaluations to understand the problems with the original surgery, assessing the patient’s health, and determining the best surgical approach for revision. This may involve various tests such as imaging studies, endoscopy, and nutritional assessments.

    2. Surgical Planning: The surgeon decides on the type of revision needed. This could involve converting to a different type of bariatric surgery, resizing or repositioning stomach pouches, or correcting issues like strictures or hernias.

    3. Anesthesia and Preparation: As with any surgery, revision surgery starts with the administration of anesthesia to ensure the patient feels no pain during the procedure.

    4. Surgical Procedure: The specific steps depend on the type of revision being performed. This could involve removing or repositioning hardware (like bands), re-routing intestines, or reshaping the stomach.

    5. Immediate Postoperative Care: Monitoring in a recovery area to manage pain, prevent complications, and ensure stability.

    6. Postoperative Follow-up: Includes regular check-ups to monitor the recovery and effectiveness of the revision, dietary guidance, and lifestyle counseling.

    7. Long-term Management: Ongoing monitoring of nutritional status, weight loss progress, and general health.

    Aspect Details
    Average Cost $3,000 - $6,500
    Popular Cities Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya
    Hospitals Well-equipped with modern technology, adhering to international standards
    Surgeons Highly experienced in complex revision procedures, often with international training
    Procedure Type Commonly includes re-routing intestines, resizing stomach pouches, or converting to a different bariatric surgery type
    Medical Tourism Packages Often include accommodation, translation services, and transport, along with pre-and post-operative care
    Insurance Coverage Varies; some international insurers might cover part of the cost, depending on the policy
    Expected Stay in Turkey Typically 1-2 weeks for surgery and initial recovery

    Recovery After Revision Surgery

    1. Immediate Post-Operative Care: Immediately after the surgery, patients typically stay in the hospital for a few days. During this time, medical staff closely monitor vital signs, manage pain, and watch for any signs of complications, such as infections or leaks at the surgical site.

    2. Dietary Adjustments: Post-surgery, the diet begins with liquids and gradually progresses to pureed foods, then soft foods, and finally to a regular diet over several weeks. This phased approach helps the newly adjusted digestive system heal properly.

    3. Pain Management: Pain and discomfort are common but are managed with medications prescribed by the healthcare team. The intensity of pain typically decreases within a few days to weeks.

    4. Activity and Exercise: Patients are encouraged to start light activities, such as walking, as soon as possible to prevent complications like blood clots. Gradually, more strenuous activities can be introduced as advised by the healthcare provider.

    5. Follow-up Visits: Regular follow-up appointments are crucial to monitor the patient’s recovery and make any necessary adjustments to their diet, exercise, and medication regimen. These visits also help track the patient’s weight loss progress and overall health.

    6. Emotional and Psychological Support: Psychological support is an important part of recovery, as patients adjust to significant lifestyle changes and the emotional impact of another major surgery. Counseling or support groups may be recommended.

    7. Long-term Monitoring: Long-term follow-up care includes monitoring for nutritional deficiencies, which are more common after multiple surgeries. Patients typically need to take vitamin and mineral supplements for life.

    Revision Surgery Turkey Cost 2024

    In 2024, the cost of revisional bariatric surgery in Turkey varies depending on the clinic and city, with prices generally ranging from about €2,900 to €4,400. This price range reflects the inclusive nature of medical packages offered to international patients, which often cover the surgery, hospital stays, pre- and post-operative care, and sometimes even additional services like transportation and accommodation​.

    Turkey~ 3000 $
    • Poland• ~ 6500 $
    • Germany• ~ 7000 $
    • Great Britain• ~ 9000 $
    • USA• ~ 13000 $

    Why does Revision Surgery Cost in Turkey Cheap?

    1. Lower Operating Costs: The general cost of living and operational expenses in Turkey are lower than in countries like the US or the UK. This includes lower salaries for medical staff and lower costs for medical supplies and facility operations​.

    2. Government Subsidies and Support: The Turkish government actively supports and promotes medical tourism as a significant part of its economy. This can include subsidies or incentives for hospitals that cater to international patients, helping to keep costs down​.

    3. High Volume of Procedures: Turkish medical facilities often perform a high volume of surgeries, which allows them to reduce the per-case cost through economies of scale. This high volume is supported by a well-established network of medical tourism, attracting patients from across the globe​.

    4. Competition Among Hospitals: There is significant competition among private hospitals in Turkey to attract foreign patients. This competition drives prices down as facilities strive to offer the most attractive packages and prices to potential clients​.

    Revision Surgery FAQ

    Health insurance coverage for revision surgery varies widely and depends on the specific insurance policy and the reasons for the revision. Some insurers may cover revision surgery if it's deemed medically necessary—this can include situations where the initial surgery led to complications or was not successful in achieving its intended health benefits.

    The duration of revision surgery can vary based on the type and complexity of the procedure, but it generally takes longer than the initial surgery. Revision surgeries can range from 1 to 4 hours, with some complex cases possibly taking longer. This extended time is due to the need to navigate scar tissue and changes from the previous surgery, which can add to the complexity and careful planning required during the operation.

    Like any surgery, revision surgery involves some level of discomfort and pain, particularly during the recovery period. However, pain during the actual surgery is managed through general anesthesia, which means you won't feel pain while the procedure is being performed. After surgery, your medical team will provide pain management strategies, including medications, to help control any discomfort. The amount of pain experienced can vary depending on individual pain tolerance, the extent of the surgery, and the patient's overall health.

    Revision Surgery Journey in Turkey

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